5 Instagram
Accounts You Need To Be Following

We’ve selected some our our favourite Instagram accounts for your inspiration and viewing pleasure.

Instagram is a daily go-to destination for visual inspiration, with over 800 million active users. It’s the only social media platform which successfully combines curated visual content, immediacy, intimacy, community and creative freedom (albeit with some limitations). Some of the world’s greatest young visual storytellers use Instagram to showcase their lives and work.

If you’re looking for Instagram accounts to inspire your own creativity, here are some handpicked from our own favourites list:

1) @leeorwild – 52.5k Followers

Leeor Wild’s Instagram feed satisfies our appetite for the the minimal and the well-composed. This Toronto-based Creative Director posts photos that never quite reveal scenes in their entirety — leaving a sense of mystery and tension. Her feed has visibly evolved with time, shifting from the disciplined and muted to the vibrant and high-contrast. We love musing over where her approach will go next.

2) @reepsone – 91k Followers


This Instagram feed documents Reeps’ travels, as well as his journey as an image-maker and beatboxer. It’s a visual diary on more than one level: an autobiographical photographic collection of his performances, artworks and even an introduction to the creative talent he comes across personally.

3) @saintrecords – 3.7m Followers


Solange Knowles — aka Beyonce’s sister — sets herself apart through her vibrant Instagram feed. It explores qualities of colour, texture, composition and pattern, all carefully curated to represent Solange herself; a great lesson in personal branding. We also get to see cameos from Solange’s husband, Alan Ferguson, and their son, Daniel.

4) @dapperlou – 86.6k Followers


Dapper Lou (Lougè Delcy) masters the art of visual storytelling through themes of colour blocking, pattern and the human body. Everything here is deliberate. He posts in threes with only the highest-quality content. His feed has fashion and street style undercurrents, with the Primary:red series alluding to cult streetwear brand Supreme.

5) @itstheflashpack – 3.2k Followers


Finally, we have to mention our own Instagram feed. The range of skills, approaches and tastes that exist within the It’s The Flash Pack team is what makes our culture unique. No two minds think the same here, and that’s evident from our feed. You’ll get to see what our huge product stack is capable of, whilst diving into the sea of visual inspiration — in art, culture, style, humour and photography — that we ourselves are constantly hunting out.