Visual Design:
Trend Predictions For 2024

From AI collaborations and synthetic creativity, to cyber-chic couture and ethereal worlds

Forecasting the biggest visual trends and aesthetics shaping 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023 and it’s Barbicore obsession, we welcome a fresh canvas for the visual landscape of 2024. With its advancements and application within the creative sector, AI will be a defining factor in the trajectory of future design. As we find ourselves at a crossroads of tradition and innovation, there’s no doubt that AI will dominate the aesthetic trends of the coming year in the form of machine collaborations, tech-enhanced nostalgia, sustainable design and escapsim via otherworldly landscapes. Get cosy, dive in and explore our visual trend forecast for 2024.

Interactive Light Installations by Ksawery Komputery

The Pixel Renaissance: Tech-Revived Nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane, but this time, strap on your VR headset. In 2024, nostalgia undergoes a high-tech metamorphosis, blending the charm of yesteryear with cutting-edge technology. Brace yourself for pixel art animations, glitch aesthetics, and a synthwave resurgence that promises to transport us to a retro-futuristic utopia.

Green is the New Black: Artistic Activism

In 2024 sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a visual philosophy. Our screens will be adorned with eco-activism, climate-inspired designs, and a visual commitment for a greener tomorrow. From influencers to global brands, a new aesthetic wave is emerging—one that celebrates the beauty of our planet, challenges unethical practice and advocates for sustainable living.

Snootie Studios
Snootie Studios
AI Portraits by Polly in Wonderland
AI Portraits by Polly in Wonderland

AI Masterpieces: Synthetic Creativity

In the ever-evolving collaboration between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence, artists like Polly in Wonderland showcase the boundless potential of AI-generated art. From intricate photorealistic paintings to surreal digital compositions, the lines between man-made and machine-generated are truly blurred. The digital canvas has becomes a playground for algorithms and artists to embrace the AI revolution and redefine the essence of creativity.

Otherworldly Landscapes: Escapism through AI

Art converges with AI, birthing ethereal landscapes beyond human comprehension. Algorithms using digital brushstrokes craft visuals that challenge traditional artistic norms. AI-rendered landscapes like the works of Gaudism, transcend the tangible, presenting surreal vistas that push the imagination to new frontiers. From vibrant cityscapes to ethereal dreamscapes, it beckons viewers into a realm where the fantastical and futuristic intertwine. It’s a harmonious fusion of machine intelligence and artistic expression, opening doors to a visual narrative where pixels become poetry and algorithms, the brushstrokes of a digital renaissance.

AI Generated Landscapes by Gaudism
AI Generated Landscapes by Gaudism
Digital Collectibles by Mugler

Neon Rebellion: The Rise of Cyber Chic

The Blade Runner grip is still going strong when it comes to fashion, lighting, set design and animated visuals. We’re seeing the hum of neon, and the cyberpunk movement continue to morph in the visual landscape for 2024. Influenced by the likes of Mugler, whose dystopian cyborg aesthetic blends futuristic tech with fashion and couture. We predict more brands to follow suit, filling our Instagram feeds with tech-infused collections, electrifying hues, and a visual ethos that challenges the mundane.

Embracing Mental Wellness Through Visuals

A new wave of visuals is dedicated solely to mental health. Artists, brands and emerging designers are exploring themes that promote relaxation, positivity, and self-reflection. From soothing colour palettes to imagery designed to evoke feelings of calm, mental well-being becomes a focal point, making visuals a tool for self-care and emotional expression.

There’s no doubt that the convergence of technology and art will define visuals of 2024. As the creative industry flexes with AI, figuring out if its friend or foe, new techniques and processes will emerge. From film to fashion, events to social, we’re excited to see what the new future will create.


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