Revenue Share
Photo Booths: Capturing Moments, Creating Value

Redefining spaces, generating revenue and elevating content experiences.

In an era dominated by instant digital satisfaction, the enduring charm of photo booths persists as a timeless cultural phenomenon. In recent times, revenue share photo booths have surfaced as a lucrative venture within retail, entertainment, and hospitality. Beyond documentation, these booths, equipped with sophisticated technology, not only capture beautiful content but also serve as robust revenue generators and powerful marketing tools.


1. Low Risk, High Reward


The compelling appeal of profit share photo booths lies in their clear risk-reward dynamic. Unlike conventional photo booth rentals burdened by substantial upfront costs, profit share agreements allow venues to seamlessly integrate these engaging content experiences without the financial burden. This flexibility makes them an attractive option for a diverse range of brands, venues and attractions.

Brewdog Waterloo Photobooth
tape london photobooth

2. Transformative Revenue Streams


Empty, overlooked spaces within venues can find new purpose through the strategic placement of a revenue share photo booth. Unassuming  corners can be transformed into hubs of entertainment and revenue generation, making the most of underutilised areas. Combining space optimisation and enhanced guest experience, these booths redefine idle spaces, converting them into valuable, revenue-generating hotspots.


3. Data-Driven Marketing


Beyond smiles, our booths are built to capture valuable data through our sophisticated software platform. Ideal for those seeking to build relevant customer relationships and grow their mailing lists, our booths facilitate responsible data collection and consistently outperform the industry average when it comes to email opt-in rates. Our data dashboard provides comprehensive insights into revenue tracking, capture rates, content sharing statistics, and email opt-in rates, offering a holistic view of their performance.

Customised and branded photobooth screen

4. Tech-Driven Experiences


The next-gen tech housed within our photo booths marries nostalgia with innovation. Featuring interactive touch-screens, high-definition cameras, instant editing capabilities, an instagram worthy aesthetic and rapid social sharing functionalities, they are a contemporary evolution of the traditional photo booth experience. Every step of the user journey is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making them accessible for all to use.

5. Branded Events & Partnerships


Revenue share photo booths present an unparalleled opportunity for branded events and exclusive partnerships. Ideal for product launches, collaborations, pop-up events, and seasonal activations, our classic booths can be reskinned to showcase updated designs and guest branding. The entire user journey, from touch screens to email design, can also be customised with bespoke messaging, offering brands a unique canvas for immersive marketing experiences.

From low financial risk to versatile marketing opportunities, the allure of the profit share photo booths extends beyond captured moments and printed keepsakes. If you’re thinking about adding one to your space, take a look at our rev share opportunities, or get in touch to arrange a call with our team.