The Best
Photo Booths In London

Photo booth culture is booming, but where are the best booths in London?

You can’t beat a great photo booth. There’s something really nostalgic about cramming into a booth with your friends; getting snapped and receiving a print and digital keepsake. All around The Flash Pack studio, you can see booth prints taped to screens, walls, and to our very own Photoautomat inspired photo booth. Being booth creators, and such big fans, we thought it only right to create a list of the best and most interesting booths in London. Our selection has some total classics; interesting builds, and a few of our own that we’re the proudest of.

Fairgame, Canary Wharf – Paid


Tapping into the childhood nostalgia of the funfair, Fairgame is an immersive activity bar that gives old-school games a twenty-first century update with digital tokens and virtual leaderboards.

In keeping with the venue aesthetic, our photo booth was designed and built with a nod to the nouveau-retro feel of its surroundings.


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Toca Social, Greenwich – Paid


Inside the world’s first and only immersive football and dining experience in London, we built a custom photo booth for guests to snap away and pose.

Toca Social is all about having fun with your pals, so our booth was built for groups with an easy, intutitive UX and quick social sharing.

Toca Social Photobooth London
Brewdog Waterloo Photobooth

Brewdog, Waterloo – Paid


Perfectly located in Waterloo Station is one of Brewdog’s biggest bars. Spanning two floors it’s an amusement park for adults with a duckpin bowling alley, an ice cream truck, microbrewery, and even a giant slide.

Our booth sits on the upper mezzanine, fitting in seamlessly with the venue’s industrial aesthetic.

W Hotel, Soho – Free


Based at the luxurious cosmopolitan W Hotel, Leicester Square – we transformed a once unused space into an extravagant guest experience.

This bespoke photo installation features a full-length two-way mirror; motion sensors to activate filament bulbs – creating a unique ambiance, and a touch screen for social sharing.


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Lululemon, Regents Street – Free


The newest of the Lululemon stores houses one of our permanently installed, custom Retro photo booths.

Styled to match the interior of the store – we used exactly the same materials that were used throughout the whole location. Sporting a wood finish, custom neon sign, and photo wall for visitors – this photo booth is a throwback to the Retro booth, but with a modern twist.

Tape London, Mayfair – Free


In the exclusive West London superclub, Tape – you can find a new breed of photo booth. Fully custom built into a previously unused space – our custom installation takes all that makes our Retro booth amazing and condenses it down into a powerful photographic package.

With a quick touch of the screen, the micro booth will get your photos ready to share in seconds via your social account.


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The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch – £3


In one of our favourite East London haunts, The Hoxton Hotel – they have a beauty of a 70’s analog booth in the lobby. With a classic typeface on the sign, and a worn out aesthetic of metals and oranged bulbs; this booth is a throwback to the early years of booths.

All Star Lanes, Shoreditch – £3


Located in Brick Lane, you can find the American 1930’s inspired bowling alley, All Star Lanes. Right in the foyer, you can find a retro masterpiece. Classically inspired by the art-deco designs of the 30’s – this booth is a real retro standout.

H&M, Oxford Street – £3


Located on the third floor of the flagship H&M, Oxford Circus; you can find their custom Photoautomat booth.

Under the hood, this booth has an ultra high-quality camera; social sharing from the touch screen, and produces classic black and white photo booth strip prints. It also accepts contactless and cash payments, making it quick and easy for customers to take a moment out to grab a photo.


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Meatmission, Hoxton – Free


Another East London gem, is the gothically styled booth found in MEATmission, Hoxton.

Fitting right into its surroundings, and positioned near the bar; this booth is in all black, with a rich red photo curtain. We’re almost certain there are at least one of these booth prints somewhere at the studio, taken after a heavy lunch trip with beers.

So there you have it, the definitive list of the best, and boldest photo booths in London.


If you’re looking for a great photo booth, like our Photoautomat inspired Berliner Booth; or if you’re after something a bit more permanent like our custom installation at W Hotel, let us know and we’ll build something awesome for you.