Seen Glambot?
Meet Showbolt, the fastest robot camera arm in the world

Showbolt, next-gen content experiences for live events

You’ve seen the viral Glambot moments from events like the Grammys and the Academy Awards, and the iconic slo-mo videos of celebrities as they swish, sashay and pose. Well, Showbolt is the UK’s equivalent, and it’s here to deliver the drama to experiential activations and events this side of the pond.



So, what is Showbolt?

Showbolt is the videobooth of the future. It’s a robotic camera arm that can capture, edit and share cinematic video content in seconds. It works by combining high-precision, high-speed camera movements with slow-motion video capture, producing epic social-ready videos for TikTok and Instagram.

“it’s quite a unique process that’s half live show, half beauty spot directing.”

~ Cole Walliser, E! Entertainment Glambot director

How does it work?

A regular fixture at high-profile events like the Golden Globes and The Oscars, Showbolt is an experience in itself.

Before stepping into position, guests are guided through the process by a Showbolt motion director. Here they will be briefed about robotic camera arm, told what to expect and how to pose to get the very best shot.

The pre-programmed camera arm movement captures guests within seconds and content is automatically edited before appearing on social sharing screens for review. Videos can then be downloaded with the scan of a QR code, ready for immediate social sharing.

Showbolt Video booth


What does the content look like?

Showbolt is the next generation of content capture moments for live events and brand activations. It creates supercharged, high-drama moving portraits that are perfect for amplifying events on social and giving guests a moment to remember.

Take a look at our robotic camera arm in action shooting high-profile guests at SIHH 2019 for IWC here, and capturing attendees for TikTok in celebration of the women’s Euros here.


How fast is the robot arm?

The robotic arm can move (horizontally or vertically) at speeds of up to 2 metres per second, and it can perform a rotation of 180-degrees in 1 second.


How much space does the robot arm need?

We require a minimum of 4m x 4m to capture the best content. This allows enough space for the arm to move without restriction and for your guests to pose comfortably. Take a look at our standardised floorplan here.


Do I need a backdrop or set?

This all depends on the aesthetic you’re aiming for. As seen in content shot at the Golden Globes, using the surroundings of the red carpet can create a great sense of atmosphere, capturing the energy of an event with minimal set design. If you’re looking for a consistent look and feel, a bespoke set can elevate content to the next level. Whatever your desired output, we can discuss your needs on request.


Will there be a movement director on site to direct my guests?

Yes, a movement director is included as part of the Showbolt package and will be on hand throughout the event to guide your guests into position, explain how the robot arm moves and assist them to create the best possible content.


How many people are needed to man the Showbolt?

There are three people manning Showbolt events. One robot arm operator, one BA and a movement director.


Can I request a bespoke robot arm movement?

Yes, we can create a bespoke movement for you on request. This requires a few days in our studio to programme the camera arm to your specification.


Can I have a test day?

We can arrange a test day in our studio or at your venue prior to the event on request.


How long does it take to set up? What does a typical day look like?

We usually load in on the day of your event and require around 4 hours to set up, test and sign off. Once sign off is complete we will start shooting as per your event schedule.


What venue access do you need?

For load in we require at least 1.06m x 1.62m, please keep this in mind when considering doors and lift access at your venue.

The robot arm is a very heavy piece of kit and cannot be lifted up stairs, therefore if your event is taking part anywhere other than on the ground floor we will require lift access (one with the capacity to carry a minimum 600kg).

Ramp access may also be required depending on the venue.


How tall is the robot arm?

When the arm is fully extended its maximum height is 2.7m


How heavy is the robot arm?

The robot arm is 600kg.


What are the power requirements?

We need 3 x 13 amp single phase sockets for the robot arm, lighting and control desk.


What are the internet requirements?

The robot camera arm needs hardwired internet with a minimum upload and download speed of 20MBPS.


Does it work outside?

Yes, it works in outdoor spaces.


What is the quality of the content?

The social ready content is shot in 1080p, in a vertical format ready for sharing online. If you require the 4K footage, this can be made available to you after the event.


Where can Showbolt be used?

From red-carpet premieres to award ceremonies and galas, Showbolt offers a versatile solution for all manner of content demands.

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