Big Reach
On Reels: Instagram’s War With TikTok

1 Reel.

50,000 accounts reached.

A few weeks back we produced the content for the Instagram video booth at GQ Men Of the Year.


An Incredible event put on by TimeBased. It was great fun.

The next day we shared a best-of Reel from the video booth onto Instagram.

24 hours later it had 50K unique views.

A mere 48k more than an average post on our account.

So why is this happening?

The content was pretty darn cool and there were celebs involved…?

True. But that’s not the full picture.

Competition. TikTok’s exponential growth has rattled Instagram and in an effort to stay relevant, and stem the exodus of users, Instagram is prioritising video content posted to Reels above everything else.


Why is it important to you?

Eyes on content shared from your event is what it’s all about. And right now, you can’t pay for the kind of reach Reels are delivering.

The benefits are two-fold.

  1. Reels is a discovery tool, which means you gain more followers. 99% of the accounts that viewed our 50k Reel were not already following us.

  2. Video content is being prioritised, which results in much higher reach than you would get normally.

Our advice: Don’t miss the boat on Reels. This is happening now.


So how do you encourage Reels sharing in a live event context? Create prompts to encourage this sharing behaviour. Build a Reels focused video booth experience.

Our automated post-production software can create instant Reels ready content. Short, snappy edits, content shot vertically with audio added automatically. Ready to share in seconds.

The GQ video booth is a great example of this, as are our Cartier and DKNY case studies below.

Or drop us an email if you want to discuss how to get more reach from your live event using Flash Pack video booth and Reels.