Polaroid: Reimagining
a Classic

Instant photography is having a rebirth — and Polaroid Originals have responded with the OneStep 2.

Everyone here at It’s the Flash Pack loves photography — especially instant photos. Take a tour around our studios, and you’ll see them taped to our desks, monitors and the walls of our photo booths. Most of us shoot in our spare time, using instant film as our favourite medium, day or night.

Digital is fantastic (we couldn’t do what we do without it), but everyone can agree that instant film offers something unique. It’s the manual process, the care that’s taken to not waste an exposure and the excitement of the unknown — waiting for photos to develop, eager to see what you’ve achieved.

With analogue culture booming, it’s now much easier to buy film than it was several years ago. This is thanks to those legacy photography companies who’ve weathered the test of time, despite the rise of digital: Kodak, Ilford and (for land cameras) Polaroid Originals — formerly Polaroid, before it was acquired by The Impossible Project and renamed.

“Polaroid Originals isn’t a new identity for Polaroid – it’s a separate brand, like Adidas and Adidas Originals for example, where Polaroid Originals really focuses on analogue instant photography and the roots of the brand.”

Oskar Smolokowski, now CEO of Polaroid Originals.

And what an iconic brand Polaroid is. But when something in limited supply becomes popular, it gets snatched up. This leaves the market short. Seeing an opportunity to bring something new to the table — satisfying consumer demand, whilst also redirecting value from the second hand market back to the manufacturer — Polaroid Originals released the OneStep 2 camera.

Paying homage to the original OneStep released back in 1977, the OneStep 2 stays true to its roots. It brings back many of the features from the original, whilst offering something for the digital age, with:

• Polaroid 600 and i-Type film compatibility (black & white and colour)

• Built-in flash

• 10-second self-timer

• USB charging port


But the most important addition is the “selfie” lens, which takes crisp photos as close as 2ft from the subject (the original needed at least 4ft). The opportunities for film are starting to feel endless. And Polaroid is well and truly back in the game.

If you want to come and take the OneStep 2 through its paces at our studio, let us know. Or check out our products to see how we can incorporate photography into your brand activation.