Met Gala’s
Instagram Video Booth 2019

5 Things You Need To Know.

Vogue invites guests to star in their own short films at Met Gala 2019.

Another year, another Met Gala, another whole host of celebrities on show, and another instagram booth brought to you by Vogue. This years theme was ‘camp’ – a well-known style in drag culture that is both flamboyant and theatrical. It can be over-the-top and even silly, and boy did this show through.. It’s understood the event’s theme is in anticipation of the grand opening of the Costume Institute’s exhibition called Camp: Notes on Fashion, scheduled to launch on May 9, 2019.

Whilst in previous years activations have been focused around a single set where celebrities posed or performed in turn, this year saw a different approach. With 21 videos featured on Vogue’s instagram channel ranging from Cardi B and Bella Hadid to Jared Leto and Harry Styles, it’s clear the strategy was somewhat different this year. So what did we learn?

Personalised Videos For Each Celebrity


Instead of the only difference in the output being the person in it, this year saw each of the 21 videos given a unique narrative and separate creative treatment notably different to the last. Whilst the somewhat retro nod remains throughout and many appear to be shot in the same art gallery or on the iconic pink stairs, each output is different, resulting in a genuine sense of intrigue and a new feast for the eyes with each post.

Well Planned Storyboards


Videos like these don’t just ‘happen’, they take months of planning, teams of people and a well thought through strategy. It is likely each of these videos would have needed individual sign offs, in advance, from the Vogue team, likely even Anna Wintour herself. Multiple ideas, iterations and mocks would have been created to get to the final videos we see today.

Audio Always Evokes Emotion


Audio is often overlooked on Instagram. The general view is that audiences generally flick through their feeds with sound on mute (it is Instagram’s default afterall), but when there are destined to be so many eyes on these videos, the addition of sound was an essential component, with music tracks ranging from 50cent to Cher, there was truly something for everyone.

Talent Buy-In


These 21 videos feature 21 of the biggest stars of the moment. Whilst these individuals are well versed in front of the camera, don’t just assume they turned up with no idea this was to happen. PR teams would have prepped the talent in advance, advising each on what the plan was for the evening and ensuring they were well prepared for the shoot. This forward planning and advance buy in is essential in utilising talent to maximum effect.

Digital Activations Drive Engagement


With Vogue come celebrities, with celebrities come eyes, and with eyes come global interest. At the time of this writing (8th May) 35.3M video views have been generated with over 38,000 comments. Even by Vogue standards, it is clear that the strategy worked. Whilst photo booths may have connotations of drunk Christmas parties and feather boas the world over, the word has now evolved and now has a dual meaning. The flip side of the coin? A well thought out strategy, with quality creative, can lead to a ton of earned media and global acclaim.

Check out some more of our favourites videos from the night here.


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