How 3D
Content And 360 Product Photography Maximises Sales

Standing out from the crowd has never been more important, here’s how.


There’s no denying that the world of eCommerce is booming. The UK has one of the most advanced online markets in the world, and revenue is estimated to reach £91,412 million this year. By 2024, it’s predicted that one in every three products purchased will be completed online.

However, while the demand has never been higher, the competition has never been tougher. Standing out from the crowd and attracting new customers is increasingly more challenging for online businesses. 

A proven way of making an impact and transform online sales is by using 360 product photography and 3D content. Platforms such as Shopify now allow users to integrate this innovative technology into their online stores. Updating your content is a fast way to take your store to the next level and maximise profits.

What is 360 product photography and 3D content?

With every technological advance and platform update, eCommerce brands are introduced to new and exciting ways they can promote their products. While online shopping is a fantastic tool, it does have certain limitations for customers – mainly the inability to physically interact with the products on sale. 

Using 360 product photography and 3D content helps bring these items to life. It enables the customer to engage with them virtually. This type of content is created using specialist camera equipment to capture every angle of a product.

What are the benefits of 360 product photography and 3D content?

Product imagery is crucial for making sales online. In a competitive market it is essential products stand out from the noise, and that customers are given an enhanced shopping experience. 3D product photography and 360 motion content is the perfect vehicle for this, and there are many benefits of implementing it within your online store, including:

Showcase your entire product

One of the biggest advantages of using 360 product photography in your eCommerce store is that it enables you showcase your entire product. Customers are given the opportunity to engage with an item, seeing it from every angle, from the comfort of their sofa.

When they are able to move around the item and zoom in on certain areas, it gives the customer a better understanding of the product dimensions, scale and details, and increases the likelihood of making a purchase. When customers are able to view your products from every angle, it also helps to reduce the number of products that are returned.

Stand out from your competitors

eCommerce is here to stay. It’s a highly competitive environment, saturated with brands all vying for the consumers attention. Making sure your products are scroll-stoppingly good has never been more important. 

Using 360 product photography and 3D imagery can do just this. It’s an incredibly captivating content format, superior to still imagery, that encourages viewers stop scrolling, increasing the likelihood of them clicking through to find out more and make a purchase. 

It’s mobile-friendly

In this technology-led world, we are never more than an arm’s reach away from our smartphones. It’s vital that your eCommerce store is as mobile-friendly as possible.

360 product photography is made for mobile. The content fills the entire screen and is designed for a seamless customer interaction. With more customers using their phones to browse and shop online than ever before, there’s never been a better time to start integrating 3D content.

With the increase in mobile usage, mobile commerce is on the rise too. Estimates suggest that by the end of 2021, 54% of total eCommerce sales will be made via a mobile device. Using 360 product photography and 3D content ensures your store and products are optimised for smartphone screens.

Looking to incorporate 360 product photography and 3D content into your eCommerce store?

If you want to elevate your eCommerce store and stand out from your competitors, incorporating 3D content and 360 product photography into your business is crucial. At The Flash Pack, we utilise the latest 3D and 360 technology to showcase the unique selling points of your product in the most creative and captivating way possible.

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