From Glambot
to Showbolt: The Best Slo-mo Moments of 2023

Who isn’t captivated by the glamorous slo-mo moments shot at the Met Gala, the Grammys, the Brits and every other prestigious star-studded event? A must-have fixture of the red carpet is a Glambot or Showbolt robot camera arm, shooting guests as they swish and sashay in cinematic splendour. We can’t resist a perfect pose, or a funny faux pas, so we’ve gathered the best of the best slo-mo moments of 2023. Scroll ahead to see who made the cut.

Cara Delevigne at The Oscars


Of course Cara would hit the mark and deliver a perfectly timed pose in one take – she is a model after all – but we love the drama of her gigantic gown as it swooshes in slo-motion. Small but purposeful actions are the recipe for the perfect content if you as us, and she nailed the assignment. Captured by Cole Walliser at The Oscars, this epic piece of Glambot content is at the top of the pile of 2023 moments for us.


Charlie XCX at The Brits


Posing is hard enough without the strobing lights, wind machine, roaming videographer, rotating platform and a robotic camera arm on a track but Charlie absolutely slayed at the Brits After Party. Hands down one of our favourite guests to direct, and most dramatic slo-mo videos from the night.

Shot by The Flash Pack for Warner Music and Ciroc Vodka at the Nomad Hotel.

Shania Twain at The Grammys


Shania can do no wrong in our eyes. Bringing some personality and pizazz to the red carpet, her hair toss and little boogie (not to mention the incredible outfit) is a surefire way to create an epic Glambot moment.


Sam Smith & Kim Petras at The Grammys


Serious squad goals. It’s no easy feat capturing a group in slo-mo and looking this flawless (kudos to Cole for his stellar direction). Minimal movement and fierce faces are what make this clip so perfect.


Lucien Laviscount & Jodie Smith


Another irresistible Showbolt moment from this year’s Brits after party, this time with Emily in Paris hearthrob Lucien, and actress and model Jodie. Keeping close, movements minimal, and posing up a storm, these two might just be the best pair we’ve ever seen in slo-mo.


Max the Dog from Ariel at Goodwoof


An unlikely contender, and possibly the cutest? We had the honour of capturing the dog who plays Max in the latest Disney remaking of Ariel who posed up a storm with his owner at Goodwoof Festival.


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