Flash Pack
Favourite: Forever 21’s “Thread Screen”

When Fast-fashion brand Forever 21 joined forces with New-York-based developer BREAKFAST for its amazing Thread Screen campaign, they managed something incredible.


We’re constantly seeking out the most cutting-edge inspiration at The Flash Pack. And when we come across something that shares our “be fearless” philosophy, we like to give credit where credit’s due. Forever 21’s Thread Screen campaign shows what’s possible when brands refuse to do what’s expected, and instead dare to attempt what’s never been done before.

Forever 21’s Thread Screen uses 6,400 tightly-stacked spools of thread in 36 colour varieties that rotate to render Instagram images from around the world. The screen is over 13 ft tall, and weighs over 907kg — about the same as a giraffe. And it contains over 200,000 mechanical components — eight times as many as you’d find in a typical car. It works when users upload photos to Instagram using the hashtag #F21ThreadScreen. These images are added to the Thread Screen queue, before the stacked spools spin into action, reproducing each one in brightly-coloured cotton.

#F21ThreadScreen is Stitching Together a Social Community


Almost 12,000 photos carried the #F21ThreadScreen hashtag, ready to be displayed on the Thread Screen, by the end of September 2015. Every user whose hashtagged photo made it on the big screen received a short video of their moment of glory to share with family and friends.

According to Linda Chang, Forever 21’s VP of Merchandising, the brand’s focus wasn’t simply to drive social reach, but to show off its colours as a creative pioneer: “The Thread Screen will naturally drive awareness,” she explained, “but it also shows Forever 21 as a leader in how social networks and technology can be used in completely new ways.”

The Power Of Experience


What makes this campaign stand out to us is its focus on the journey, not simply the final product. The level of creative research, planning and resource that’s been applied is clear. And these kinds of tactile, real life experiences — brought to life by a multiskilled creative team — have the potential to outdo the most extravagant digital campaigns in terms of shareability and reputability. This is text book how to build a great brand.

A study by the Event Marketing Institute serves as a backup. It found that 93% of consumers feel that real life experiences are more effective than television adverts, and 96% said they’d be more likely to purchase a product after being inspired at a live brand event.

These consumers use social platforms to broadcast experiences that they feel stand out. They’ve become skilled curators in their own right, sifting through the ordinary to find the extraordinary. Immersive, visceral marketing initiatives like Forever 21’s Thread Screen are exactly what they’re looking for.

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