Senior Event Technician

Senior Technician / Technologist

About Us

The Flash Pack is a London based technical production studio. Our focus is building tech driven social first content experiences and permanent installations for brands and agencies activating in the UK and abroad.

We are known for our innovative approach to briefs and our expertise in amplifying the digital footprint of events and bricks and mortar spaces. All of our work is powered by technology we have developed in house and our own proprietary software. Most of our products are focused around photo capture techniques and we specialise in multi-cam/ bullet time photography rigs.


We work with brands, agencies, immersive theatre productions and in the competitive socialising space. Clients include Amplify, CSM, Octagon, GPJ, Momentum, Google, Dyson, Burberry, Spotify, and Apple.


We’re a tight knit team of 12 and growing rapidly so this is an exciting time to join the team and have a real impact in how we develop as a business. /p>

We have multiple projects activating internationally over the next year so there will be the opportunity to travel. We also offer flexible working. Our studio is based in SE London.


Position Overview:

We are seeking a skilled and reliable Senior Technician to join our team with previous experience managing teams and installing technology at live events. You will be responsible for building and installing our bespoke hardware at live events and permanently into venues.


We specialise in interactive content experiences with a focus on bullet-time, photogrammetry and video installations. We use our own proprietary software to power these installations and are frequently developing new products.


The primary aim of the role is to manage a small team of technicians to specify, build and install our tech into live events and permanent installations. You will also have managerial responsibility for running our technical studio space and equipment management.


This role requires strong technical expertise and the ability to work as part of a cross-functional team of producers, designers, developers, technicians and fabricators to build live experiences and permanent installations for our clients.


The ideal candidate is a hard working problem solver, a strong team player, someone who can lead through example.



Installation and Operation:

Lead the setup and installation of our equipment, adhering to industry best practices.

Perform equipment testing, and quality control to guarantee optimal content output.

Team Management and Training:

Provide guidance, mentoring, and technical training to junior technicians, fostering their professional growth and development.

Coordinate and delegate tasks to event technicians, ensuring efficient workflow and timely completion of assignments.

Collaborate with other departments, such as production, creative, developers to ensure smooth event operations and seamless integration of technical aspects.

Technical Studio & Equipment Management:

Oversee the maintenance, inventory, and organisation of equipment, ensuring all items are in excellent working condition.

Conduct regular inspections and troubleshoot technical issues to ensure smooth operations during events.

Evaluate new technologies and equipment advancements, making recommendations for upgrades or replacements when necessary.

Event Support and Troubleshooting:

Offer on-site support during events, addressing technical issues promptly and efficiently.

Troubleshoot and resolve equipment malfunctions, connectivity problems, and other technical challenges.

Maintain composure and professionalism in high-pressure situations, delivering effective solutions to minimize disruptions.



Minimum of 5 years of experience in event production, with a focus on capture technologies.

Extensive knowledge of setting up cameras, lighting, computers and screens.

Proven experience in managing and leading event production teams.

Proficiency in operating and troubleshooting a wide range of systems and software.

Strong organisational and time management skills, with the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with clients, colleagues, and suppliers.

Problem-solving aptitude and the ability to think quickly on your feet.

Flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as required by event schedules.

Passion for innovation, technology, and creativity, with a keen eye for detail and a constant drive to push boundaries and deliver exceptional experiences.


So, why come and work for us?

Well, if we haven’t floated your boat already, and taking a look at the work we deliver didn’t get you all weak at the knees, here are some other reasons why you might want to join us.

We have fun. This industry is hard work – demanding clients and long hours, but we like to think we’re pretty good at having fun whilst we do it. Our staff retention rates are testament to that.

We are fair. Working at the weekend? Don’t get any time off back for your hard work? We don’t expect you to give us your life. Why would we? Work an hour at the weekend, get it back in lieu at a time that suits you.

We are flexible. Our systems have been set up to allow our team to work from home when they can.

We are ambitious. Independently owned and run, with big dreams, we have a clear plan in place and are focused on making it happen.

We are honest. Open door policy to management for the entire team, so no one is left wondering. We respect and value our staff and feel honesty is always the best policy.

We are innovative. Constantly pushing boundaries and leaders in our field, we often create first to market products and experiences that simply haven’t been seen before.


Find out more about TFP at our website and check out our most recent work on instagram @itstheflashpack.