Immersive Theatre

Immersive digital tech for immersive real world experiences.


We deliver magical personalised moments for the immersive theatre industry that wow audiences, drive post show digital engagement and collect visitor data responsibly.


We build custom software solutions that inject digital power into your real-world event.

Immersive digital tech for real world experiences

Pre Show.

Capture guest data & expedite on-site RFID registration.

Customer registration systems that capture emails of all participants, not just the booker.

Capture visitor information to personalise in-show experiences.

RFID assignment for in-show payments, content capture, personalisation & interaction tracking.

In Show.

Personalise the experience & capture the story.

Create personalised experiences during the show that record the story of each guest.

Create content moments that wow and can be replayed live within the shows narrative.

Collect guest interaction data.

Post Show.

A personalised platform that tells each guest’s story.

A personalised microsite based on guest interactions within the show.

View, download and share personalised content created in show.

Buy personalised merchandise.

Guests view heat maps of their interactions in show: Where did they go? What did they miss.

Use this as a call to action, encouraging return ticket sales or to sell tickets for other experiences.

Mount bespoke and meaningful remarketing campaigns with the microsite as a conversation point.

Marketing & Monetisation

Pre-show comms & data collection.

Collect emails of all attending, not just the booker. Email guests before the event to build them into the story

Meaningful email marketing

Email guests with personalised content post-event, encouraging them to rebook and experience areas they might have missed.

In-show payments

Take payments anywhere in the event with just an RFID card.

Personalised merch

Customised t-shirts, photographic prints & other merchandise for guests to purchase as a post-event memento.

Personalised Experiences

Experience personalisation

Tailor each visitor’s experience by using their name, photo & other data as part of their story during the event.

Experience capture

Create personalised video & photo content featuring them interacting with actors as they participate in the story.

In show content playback

Content is incorporated back into narrative instantly, creating surprising moments of wonder & awe.

In-Show Intelligence

Movement tracking

Where did each user go? What did they miss? Which parts did dwell longest?

Interaction stats

Which doors were opened? Which experiences were unlocked? Which actors were engaged with most?

User data

Who booked the tickets? Who did they bring with them? What was the occasion? What audience demographic came to your event? How many times did they attend?

RFID Event

An Immersive Content Experience at Fame Factory

A 40-minute immersive show where guests experience a day in the life of a celebrity with personalised content takeaways and in-show magic powered by RFID technology and our TFP software platform.



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