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Content Experience For Puma’s RS-X Trainer Drop

Engaging shoppers with a custom content-driven experience.


A bespoke tech and software build for Puma’s tourable content studio.

Earlier this year Puma released their latest RS-X trainer in collaboration with JD Sports. To celebrate the launch they hosted a series of events across Europe featuring a hero content moment to capture, engage and promote their latest design.

Working closely with ISIN, we delivered a two-part custom software solution.

Custom UX

A key part of the live launch was to encourage shoppers to create UGC content and unlock Puma prizes.

Guests entered the dome and tapped the touchscreen to begin their journey. Viewing a live feed, they got into position before a countdown prompted their capture moment. Once complete, content displayed on the screen for review and selection.

Leaving the dome they collected their polaroid-style print out with a unique QR code. Scanning the code took them to a microsite where they entered their email and details to download their digital content and enter the PUMA RS-X giveaway.

GIF bespoke photo booth for Puma

Bespoke Multicam Unit

The hero point of the OOH experience was the Puma dome. A tourable, holographic geodesic dome for the public to enter and create their content.

Within the structure we built a custom 12-camera multicam unit. The rig was designed to be compact, robust and easy to transport and set up at various locations with ease.

In-Store Screens

Extending the opportunity for guests to enter the Puma giveaway we created a simple, accessible user journey in-store. Dubbed the ‘Launch zone’ branded graphics displayed on a screen prompting people to enter by scanning the QR code.

This directed shoppers to a microsite where they entered their details for a chance to win.

Bespoke Microsite Design for Puma Content Experience RS-X



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4443 captures

2396 competition entires

54% email opt-in rate