On Location
With Paris Saint Germain F.C

The players tunnel reinvented.


The players tunnel, reinvented.


Shooting onlocation with Paris Saint Germain F.C. to promote Instagram stories functionality.

To capture the players’ imagination and cut through the treadmill of sponsorship shoots, we designed three shoot experiences to tell the story of iconic player moments – from a neon players tunnel onto a digital pitch.

Video shorts were shot in portrait and processed in real time by our team of editors. Bullet-time videos were run through our Rendergraph software automating an interpolation script to smooth the content, ready to be shared on the players channels minutes after capture.

The Content

Live video editing and automated post-production

3D bullet time video content from our Freezus Curve technology

UGC shot on the players phones

BTS of the day for social teasers

The Numbers

4 Hours

16 Players

48 Videos Captured

28.7M combined Instagram following

Our Role


Set Design & Production


Content Post-Production