The Electric
Jungle for H&M at Field Day

An influencer collaboration and festival activation to promote the Divided Spring collection.


A multi-tiered campaign to promote the SS Divided Collection.


A pop-up studio inspired by the art work of Reeps One and a content strategy including Snapchat Geo Filters and pre-seeded social teasers.

We collaborated with Reeps to design the set through a live painting content shoot that was teased out on H&M’s social channel pre-event.

social media content phones

We designed a geo-targeted Snapchat filter celebrating the print of the Divided collection.

Festival goers were captured in our pop-up Bullet Time studio.

Photo activation at music festivals

The best content created by festival goers was selected live and broadcast to the main stage.

music festival stage

The Numbers

2 Days
3 Pre-event Video Teasers
974 Bullet Time Videos
3896 People through the photo experience
100% Share Rate

Our Role

Strategy and Creative
Design and Build
VFX and Social Sharing
Video content production