An Immersive
Content Experience At Fame Factory

A 40-minute immersive show where guests experience a day in the life of a celebrity with personalised content takeaways and in-show magic powered by RFID technology and our TFP software platform.

Personalised Content Experiences

Fame Factory creates personalised experiences during the show that capture the story of each guest. These ‘wow’ content moments are replayed through the live show, forming part of the narrative.

Seamless RFID integration

An end to end process from ticketing to content sharing.

Once customers are registered, and emails of all participants are captured, RFID card are assigned to each enabling in-show payments, content captures, in-show personalisation and interaction tracking.

Personalised Portal

A platform that tells each guest’s story.

After the show, guests receive their personalised microsite where they can view, download and share their content. Within this they can also buy personalised merchandise and view heat maps of their interactions.

Our portal creates opportunities for post-event communication to encourage return ticket sales, promote other experiences and mount bespoke and meaningful remarketing campaigns.