Camelot: Set
For Life

A content shoot and series of experiential events launching the new National Lottery game.


An immersive tour of the world from
a warehouse in East London

The Background

Last year Camelot launched ‘Set For Life’, a new game designed to appeal to a millennial audience.

Camelot selected The Flash Pack to design an immersive experience to raise awareness outside of traditional paid-for channels.

Our evidence-based Strategy asked Millennials:

If you were Set For Life, what would you spend your time on and money on?

“Living my passion” was the key takeaway with four main core categories of interest: mindfulness, world travel and food.

Living your passion, what would you do if you were Set For Life?


Surrounding our guests with giant projection-mapped screens and an immersive 3D soundscape, we created a series of events transporting our guests from a warehouse in The Truman Brewery, to locations around the world. From the hustle of an airport lounge they boarded a flight to a to sunrise yoga retreat, and then on a pancontinental immersive dining experience taking them from the forests of Norway to the streets of Tokyo.

Content, content, content


Our set acted as the perfect canvas to shoot stunning content.

Over the two live days We supplied the client with 150 images and 4 videos for TNL to use across their 12-month social campaign.

80% of content shared via the National Lottery socials outperformed their benchmarked average during and post-event.

Content shared by influencers hosts achieved 427K impressions and 28.7K engagements.