An influencer
shoot for Huawei

A one-day shoot to maximise campaign assets for multi-channel reach.


A one-day studio shoot with the Collyer twins to showcase the new Huawei P30 Pro.

Shot at the Pack


Captured in-house, we created a studio set inspired by the new Huawei mobile colour palette.


Working with influencers Jordan and Loanne, aka The Collyer Twins, we shot a mixture of hero, multi-cam and BTS footage in one day, all under one roof.


Keeping Social front of mind, flexible assets were created for Huawei to share across their global channels, formatted for stories, grid and web use.

Our Role


Art Direction



The highest performing piece of campaign content on the Huawei Instagram channel.

86,000 views and 16,400 likes within the first 10 days.