A Video
Booth At The BRITs For Warner Music


A knock-out video booth capturing guests of the BRITS

Taking place within the Nomad Hotel Library in Covent Garden, Warner Music and Ciroc Vodka hosted the 2024 BRITS After Party.

Together with the Katlist team, we were given a brief to create an impressive and impactful video booth for guests of the BRIT Awards to have their moment in front of the camera.

Inspired by the colour palette of the event, we built an enclosed set that transformed the venue into a colour-blocked installation.

With Klein blue walls and a punhcy lilac platform, our set paid homage to collection displays seen within iconic art galleries.

Adding to the drama, spotlights circled before focusing on guests as they posed to create sharp shadows.

Directed by The Flash Pack, guests were shot using our robotic camera arm to create beautiful social-ready video shorts.

“A HUGE success”

Jason Morais, SVP Global, Virtual & Company Events

Our Role

Production & Tech
Content Design
Set Design & Build

The Numbers

309 video shorts created
154% share rate