A luxury
retail photo booth for Harrods

The most beautiful photo booth in the world, driving footfall back into the store.


We built a retail photo booth for Harrods to help drive footfall back into their iconic London store.

Retail Photo Booth for Harrods
Permanent photobooth installation for Harrods
Luxury Photo Booth for Harrods
Permanent photobooth installation for Harrods

Inspired by their famous Art Deco interior, we designed a retail photo booth installation to fit seamlessly within the iconic space that would capture the attention of their customers. 

Lockdown restrictions have accelerated a shift in consumer habits. Online shopping is more accessible, next-day delivery a standard and limits on in-store capacity tightened. Driving footfall back into physical spaces depends on brands offering their customers unique in-store activation that can’t be experienced online. 

Our booth is designed for this purpose. A versatile installation with brains and beauty, it is laser cut from solid brass and packed full of tech.

Luxury Photo Booth for Harrods

Its 5 cameras are capable of capturing GIFs, video or stills or bullet-time 3D content. Automated post-production delivers dynamic content to customers at the swipe of a hand. 

Designed for safety and function, it’s entirely touch-free featuring motion sensors that provide contactless operation from start to finish.

Delivering function and form, our installation is designed to sweat more content for the store and work across all concessions from couture to beauty.

Our Role


Turn key. Concept to delivery.
Product Design
Technology Development