A Bespoke
Retail Content Studio for Burberry

An unmanned retail experience to launch their products instore.


Burberry approached us to design an unmanned social content experience for influencers and customers to use within their Taipei store to celebrate the launch of the Lola bag.

Working directly with their creative team, we helped them bring their vision of a bespoke content studio to life.

Shooting with two stationary cameras we programmed our automated post-production software to replicate movement hand-held camera work.

All shot within a larger than life Lola bag booth.

Designed to be rolled out internationally

Our team produced detailed drawings for the content capture elements within the studio.

We acted as customer experience design consultants to develop an intuitive UI enabling the activation to run seamlessly without staffing.

Our UK team provided remote support, training and technical assistance throughout the activation.

The Results

971 videos captured throughout the month of August

Our Role

Concept Development
Software & Tech
Content Design
Fabrication Consultants