A Custom
Camera Array Capturing Red Bull Skaters with Canon

A bullet time moment for Skate the Museum.


Shooting skateboarding champions at London’s Natural History Museum

Earlier this year Red Bull were handed the keys to London’s iconic Natural History Museum to shoot a first-of-its-kind skateboarding experience with an all-female group of skaters.

We were approached by the Canon and Red Bull teams to deliver an innovative multicam moment for their ‘Skate the Museum’ short film that would express the movement of skating and capture their champions in motion during their sessions.

The iconic skeletal structures within the main hall of the Museum formed the backdrop, and were dressed with tracks and ramps to create a Jurassic skate-park.

Using a 60 camera array, constructed in a ‘j’ shape, we tracked the run up and take off of the all-female team made up of Leticia Bufoni, Lore Bruggeman, Aldana Bertran and Margie Lyndidal as they kick-flipped and ollied in amongst the museum’s 80 million artefacts.

In keeping with the skate-style aesthetic, we provided the Red Bull editing team with a library of dynamic output styles for them to cut and slice in between their roaming videography shots.

Watch the full film here.


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360 Bullet Time Shoot

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